Configuration and application of CO2-responsive Pickering emulsions
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      Pickering emulsion, the droplets stabilized by solid particles at water/oil interface, has been demonstrated as a stable system. Benefiting from the high level of stability, cheap cost, and bio-friendliness, Pickering emulsion has shown significant applications in oil extraction, food production, biomedicine, cosmetics, and other fields. In practical applications, emulsions with long-term stability and rapid demulsification are urgently needed. Compared with common strategies such as pH, the CO2 response is inexpensive, non-toxic, and eco-friendly, it’s an effective strategy to solve the problem of product recycling. But current CO2-responsive emulsion technology is primarily based on theoretical research and has not been sufficiently developed in practice, with the emulsion"s response mechanism and construction method still being clarified and expanded. This review care-fully outlines the Pickering emulsion stabilization/response mechanism, summarizes the types and building methodologies of CO2-responsive Pickering emulsifiers, enumerates their application development in emulsion polymerization, interfacial catalysis, and biomedicine, and forecasts their prospects.
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